Mentor Ministry


Mentor Ministry


A mentor is someone who fundamentally impacts and influences the development of another through a significant relationship.

Mentors often get into mentoring relationships for what they can contribute to the development of others. They soon discover that mentoring is a two-way street that involves both giving and receiving. Reading, discussing, and exploring ideas and concepts together has a broadening effect on the mentor and the mentee.

Our mentor ministry works towards a unified effort of schools, businesses, and communities to promote and support student success. Along with our Parkway mentors, we encourage the business and civic community to become an integral part of helping schools prepare students for life.

Partnership Award 

mentor award_DSC_2817Parkway Baptist was presented with The Catoosa County Partnership Church Award for the past several years. Our ministry provided mentors, school supplies, and various needs to help students achieve their educational goals. We are privileged to volunteer and partner with our schools to make our community the very best it can be.

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The Mentor Ministry Program is open to Parkway Baptist members. You will be assigned a school to impact a child's life after mentor training and being cleared by a county background check. For more information on this great opportunity, please contact the office at 706-866-0325.