Pastor's Books


Pastor's Books

Study God's Word with these insightful books by Dr. Sampson…

Prayer: Developing a Strategy for Spiritual Warfare 

The only way to push back the spiritual darkness that tries to impede the believer's progress and hinder their relationship with God is through prayer. The purpose of PRAYER is laid out on each page of this book. Dr. Sampson explains the theological reality of PRAYER and provides practical ways for the reader to apply its truth and experience the power of PRAYER. 

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Portraits of a Pastor's Heart

Portraits of a Pastor's Heart will provide you with fresh devotional thoughts for today's busy believers. Contact our church office @ 706.866.0325 and reserve your copy today!

The Matchless Power of the Cross

You will see in the pages that follow, what can happen to a person when one chooses to be identified with Christ's grace and forgiveness. No matter what wrong has been committed, or injustices that have been displayed, grace can overcome. When a person chooses to forgive based on Christ's redeeming love for them, they become an active presentation to a watching world, of the beauty, grace, and surpassing significance of—The Matchless Power of the Cross.

Contact the church office @ 706.866.0325 and order this 88-page book on Paul's letter to Philemon. The book will help you to discover the great riches of Christ's redemptive cross. 

Dominican Deliverance

Dominican Deliverance

In Dominican Deliverance, Dr. Sampson presents the theology of missions in the Old and New Testaments. Focusing on a missions motif of the glory of Christ's story within the missional history of God's people. The book will explore the history of missions in the Dominican Republic, along with the missional advances of Parkway Baptist. 


"I pray that these books will be a blessing and help you on your spiritual journey with Christ." -Dr. David Sampson

About Dr. David Sampson

Dr. David Sampson is the Senior Pastor of Parkway Baptist in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. He earned his Bachelor of Theology and Masters of Pastoral Theology at Liberty University, and his Doctorate in Theological Studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He has been in the preaching ministry for over 30 wonderful years. Dr. Sampson and his wife, Melissa, are natives of Northwest Indiana and have been blessed with three wonderful children.