KIDS POWER: Children's Church


KIDS POWER: Children's Church

children's Director: Robin flanagan


Welcome to the vibrant ministry of Parkway Baptist’s KIDS POWER, where our calling pulsates with the divine rhythm of nurturing young hearts on their spiritual journey. Guided by the Scriptures, we embark on a profound mission to illuminate the path for children, paving the way to an intimate encounter with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our passion ignites with the pursuit of spiritual formation, sculpting unshakable faith through biblical teaching. We champion an intergenerational ministry where the tapestry of ages intertwines to bring glory to Christ.


Our goal is driven by our spiritual ambition to forge an environment where faith, fun, and friends bond seamlessly. We aim to guide children on an awe-inspiring expedition of faith and nurture a meaningful connection with God. Picture this: Scripture comes alive through our use of media ministry tools, biblical videos, worship music, and interactive games that create an exciting learning atmosphere.


The children's church ministry is available for ages K–5th grade every Sunday. After our time of worship music ends, the children will be dismissed from the main auditorium, and our staff will direct the children to meet in Children's Church.

KidsPower-Logo-transparentEducating each child about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ is our passion at Parkway Baptist. Your children will enjoy what they experience in the children's church. Parents, we encourage you to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to develop your child's spiritual formation. Enroll them in the Kids Power Children's Church this Sunday!

Each Sunday your child will learn something about POWER: Praying, Obeying, Worshiping, Encouraging, & Reaching their friends for Christ.